We offer a wide range of motor oils manufactured by Kroon Oil.  There are several specialized types of oils such as automotive motor oils, automotive gear oils, hydraulic motor oils, agricultural products, marine products, industrial oils, greases and more

Kroon-Oil products deserve the designation ‘Made in Holland’. Made in Holland but compliant with internationally applicable specifications, exported worldwide. Kroon Oil production and sales sites in Almelo en Zwijndrecht are ISO certified, which is reassuring.

A technical product requires knowledge - knowledge that we are eager to share with you. This is the right place for the best product advice; our technical services department will answer all your questions, and technical subjects are often covered in Lubevision. In addition, Kroon-Oil offers a complete package of service modules. And our delivery performance of almost 100% (OTIF) proves that we take our service provision very seriously.

  • Automotive Oils
  • Agriculture Oils
  • Industrial Oils 
  • Marine Oils

Kroon Oil has an extensive range of engine oils and lubricants for different applications and vehicles. Engine oil, transmission oil, soot filter oil, mineral, synthetic and many more. Kroon Oil has all the products you need to keep your car well lubricated.
Road traffic
Using the right product is essential when it comes to driving from A to B, but also for the preservation of your vehicle. We have products for every application, for vehicles that are 50 years old or brand-new, heavy goods vehicles or private cars.
Two wheelers
Our range  includes products for bicycles, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Lubricants, cleaning products and degreasers. Products are available for every application and all types of conditions. Whether you are riding a mountain bike or motorbike, scooter or electric bicycle. 
Our state-of-the-art Agricultural range is specially suitable for heavy-duty applications and is regularly expanded. The Kroon-Oil Agri range can be used to lubricate your fleet safely and without worries.
Heavy loads and extreme temperatures require premium lubricants that "can take a beating". We supply an extensive range of mineral and synthetic industrial lubricants that meet all the requirements. Optimum lubrication is guaranteed.
Because of the watery environment, boats pose additional requirements with regard to their lubricants. And to extend their service life, it is important to use premium-quality products. We therefore offer the Atlantic product line, created especially for water sports.