Pneumatic products offered include air preparation units, air management devices such as a range of solenoid valves, actuators, handling equipment, linear and rotary actuators, dust collector valves, fittings and tubing. .

Service offerings include repairs to Pneumatic cylinders and actuators and the manufacture of special functioning pneumatic cylinders.

Pneumatic products are mostly manufactured  to, conform to ISO standards. All products supplied by Pneumax Italy are integrated with a company quality system, operating in accordance with Vision 2000 and 14001 environmental management standards.

  • Mechanical & Pilot Operated Valves
  • Solenoid Operated Valves
  • Air Service-Units
  • Cylinders
  • Manipulation Components
  • Fittings & Accessories

Pneumax is a leading brand in the pneumatic and automation industry offering an innovative range of modern and reliable products from Pneumatic command valvesto Pneumatic cylinders.
Complete range or cylinders such as Microcylinders, Heavy-duty tie-rod cylinders, ‘clean’ profile & short stroke ‘Europe’ compact cylinders, and rodless cylinders. Customised cylinders manufactured on request.
Air Service Units
Managing the quality of the compressed air and it’s moisture content is essential to maintain efficiency and life-span of pneumatic components. These modular units are available in a range of sizes, filtrations and pressures.
High quality fittings in techno polymer or nickel-plated brass, available in a wide array of sizes to suit. Available in Push-to-connect, standard BSP and compression fittings.
Valves available in a range to suit almost any application, from mechanical manual to solenoid operated; from low volume & electric input to high flow rate & heavy duty operations.